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Whether you are a property owner looking to increase your portfolio, or a tenant with the dream of becoming a homeowner, TRS Properties is at your service. Income Property Owners. Our property management orientation helps to analyze prospective acquisitions, as well as to help run the numbers and determine the right price. We’re highly-experienced in […]

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These days, selling real estate is a complicated process with a myriad of obstacles along the way. Inspections, reports, appraisals, and disclosures are just a few examples of how selling a property is hard work and how things can go wrong. With our help and experience, we’ll help you sail through the sea of obstacles […]

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If you are considering renting your property instead of selling it, we offer Property Management, and comprehensive leasing services through our sister company THE RENTAL SOURCE. San Francisco has been undergoing a major growth spurt in recent years. Having experienced the housing trends in San Francisco’s recent history, we are confident in our ability to […]

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In October 1998, at the beginning of the Dot-Com Boom, The Rental Source (TRS) opened for business on Nob Hill, San Francisco, providing Leasing and Property Management services. Years later, TRS Properties was created to facilitate the needs of Landlord and Tenant clients of TRS who wish to sell or purchse real property. Our mission […]

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What We’re About

comma TRS Properties was created for the landlords and tenants served by
The Rental Source (TRS), which has provided Leasing and Property Management since 1998. We’re a full-service real estate brokerage. We can list your property to sell, or represent you as a purchaser.
Buying and selling real estate should be about realizing your dreams, and we are committed to make those dreams happen. Our sales team is small. Read More

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